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Exhibition review | Super first-class audition experience in double halls!Overview of the 2023 Beiji

Get ready to immerse yourself in the incredible atmosphere of the 2023 Beijing International Audio Exhibition, Beijing Trend Music Festival, and the first-ever Blacksmart Music Festival cum Beijing International Music Life Week! With exhibition room for speakers and headphones booth, audiophile are in for a first-class listening experience in a top-notch HIFI show environment. Don't miss out on all the excitement! Make sure to follow this official newsletter to get a glimpse of the amazing moments at the soundaware showroom booth. You won't want to miss a single highlight! Get ready to be blown away by the sensational audio experience that awaits you at this extraordinary event.

Honorable Award

Excellent DAC: DAM1

Excellent Music Center: AMC D2

Awards ceremony scene

Live Audition

Experience the captivating world of the leading audio HIFI exhibition, where passionate audiophiles and industry experts converge. Immerse yourself in the electric atmosphere of the double hall and feel the enthusiasm through on-site photos.

Audiophiles' evaluation

Audiophiles 1: DAM1 is very good in quality, I have listened at both headset and speakers booth.
Audiophiles 2: There are new emerging brands in the country such as Soundaware which is very good.
Audiophiles 3: Go to the show tomorrow to see the new decoding of hedonic
Audiophiles 4: The density of the sound is clear in the sound field and good analytical skills. It just feels a bit rushing.
Audiophiles 5: The biggest benefit of D2 is that you can used it in various way.


Embark on an enchanting sonic journey with Soundaware's Oriental Inscription, where the magic of Focal and Naim's ultimate generation comes alive. The DAM1 takes center stage, effortlessly surpassing expectations. Even when connected to Naim CD players using the most basic fiber optic cable, its performance outshines Naim's direct output, leaving a lasting impression on even the most discerning ears. As a testament to its brilliance, DAM1 continues to captivate as a show sample beyond the exhibition. With its integration of reference-level Jinling DSP technology and top-of-the-line Hi-End design materials, DAM1 sets a new standard in digital audio products. Prepare to be astounded by the remarkable improvement across all interfaces, making traditional digital products pale in comparison. Experience audio perfection like never before with the extraordinary DAM1.

Soundaware to provide A300 Anniversary Edition Integrated DSD&PCM flagship balance network player for Yosemay Cables & Acoustics.

Speakers Exhibition Room

Decoding: DAM1 + LPX

Audio source: AMC D1

Preamp: P1's tenth anniversary

Speakers: Amphion Two18 & BaseTwo25

Headphones booth

Decoding: DAM1 + LPX

Audio source: AMC D2 / D300REF

Headphone Amp: P1's 10th anniversary

Thanks to Beyerdynamic and Focal for providing support!

During the five-day event, Soundaware showcased a speaker audition system consisting of DAM1 paired with Amphion Two18 and BaseTwo25 speakers, AMC D1/D2 Music Center and P1 10th Anniversary. The audiophiles on the scene are full of praise for the quality of the digital audio playback of Xiangsheng!

Also at the earphone booth, enthusiasts were very interested in experiencing the listening experience of different flagship earphones paired with DAM1 and other products.

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