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Computer Circuit Board


The proprietary and unique technologies developed by SOUNDAWARE were granted with several core Patent rights in China.

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The USB Regeneration is the latest technical patent 202122788168.1 of SOUNDAWARE granted in the late 2021. 


This solution mainly addresses the noise and interference of the USB signal. The solution based upon USB Data Buffering and Regeneration, as well as apply Local Clean DC Power to the Universal Serial Bus. These techniques effectively achieve the purpose of eliminating harmful noise.


High Fidelity Audio Playback Algorithm

SOUNDAWARE has been granted a Patent 201220264227.3 for High Fidelity Audio Playback Algorithm. 

FPGA's features of hardware decoding, low-noise and dual-crystal oscillators provide every tone of music with individual and independent clock systems.

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Patent - 3.png

ATX Linear Power Supply

The reference level high power ATX linear power supply patent is currently used in the AMC D1 and D2. Due to the high temperature of the PCB caused by the ultra-high power supply, it will shorten the working life of the capacitors on the PCB and the ATX power supply.


In this solution, the heating element and the denoising element are separated, so that the temperature of the PCB board is reduced to a very low level, which greatly improves the working life of the key components of the PCB. The lowered temperature provides great stability to the operation of the components, too. 

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