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High Fidelity: A Shift in Audiophile Paradigm - Embracing the East and the Fantastic Sound of DAM-1

Updated: Nov 8, 2023


"TIME TO CALL THIS: the old world has passed. Not yet in the biblical sense, not as the apostle John saw and what he wrote about Apocalypse (AP 21). But within our world, here and now, it looks like the hierarchy of many things is changing and we are dealing with a shift of center of gravity. In the West, we are still sticking to the paradigm according to which the center of the audiophile world is located in the US and/or in Europe. This is not the case anymore, but we did not notice it focused on ourselves.

The DAM-1 with the company's top power supply shows that for relatively small money, at least when it comes to high-end, you can design, build and sell their devices with fantastic sound. It is also interesting in the direction in which producers from China and Singapore move, whose products I have heard in recent years, They focus on HDMI II2 connection and on NOS and – part – discrete converters based on resistors.

It gives you sure common denominator for all their products, what Westerners may see as a chance to distinguish themselves. DAM-1 plays densely, plays with fullness, plays with great sound. It is very resolving. It differentiates sounds well as part of recordings. But it also does not differentiate the recordings themselves. Will we release FINNEASA in 1 A Concert Six Months From Now, with its rock jam or GHOST RIDER electronics from 18 Make Us Stronger, or even processed piano sound from 13 At Dawn HANI RANI, each time it will be the same fullness, same scale, same color.

So we have beauty with which you can listen to recordings regardless of where they come from and how they were prepared, because they will sound great. I will all be energetic and big, so the sound will not go out between the speakers, and will tear the emotional veil between us and the performer. If you are looking for music, then you are at home, congratulations!"

(Translated from Polish to English via Google Translator)


Editor of High Fidelity (Poland)

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